483E Project 01

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4 Apps that I Like



Catagory: Travel
Rating: ★★★★☆
I like the skyscanner app not only because it helps me find cheap flights but also because of its logo and app design. The logo used to be a plane and a wifi looking cloud but they changed the logo to it now minimal design which makes the plane look more like a bird and above it is its flight path, which in my opinion is a much more visually appealing design. What I also like is the consistency of type and icons through the app. They stick with the same san-serif font and all the icons are simple and similar in their design.



Catagory: Music
Rating: ★★★☆☆
I like the Shazam app not only because it helps discover music but also because of its logo design and color scheme. The app itself is simple. You press on the shazam logo and it emits different hues of blue and white, and the app listens to the song/artist you're trying to identify, and it tells you. The logo mark is just the letter S but it is not the traditional way you see the letter. It just uses clever U vector objects to create the S. Also I like the consistent color scheme of white and blue, and different opacities/ hues of blue that they use.



Catagory: GPS
Rating: ★★★★☆
I like the Life360 app not only because it shows my family and my weekly driving but for its logo mark and app layout. The logo has these circular shapes and it's as if you're continually going around one point 360 degrees. It is simple and interesting like the app layout. The app backdrop's back layer (which is the map which shows where my family is) updates content found on the front layers(family info.) of the backdrop. Even though this app has a layer/ backdrop effect there is a unity to it, especially when the circular profile pic matches the one on the top layer.

4.Adobe Lightroom


Catagory: Photo
Rating: ★★★★☆
I like the app Adobe Lightroom not only because it helps me edit my photos but also for its icon design in the app. There are a lot of icons/symbols used in Adobe Lightroom because there are so many tools to use, edit and make your photo look amazing. Even though the icons are small, and the photo on the screen is bigger, the photo doesn’t overpower the icons. Plus there is a consistent color scheme and design to the icons. Even though there is a san serif type next to each icon, you can still easily identify the function of edit toll just by looking at the icon.

My Daily Life- 10 Activities

10 activities of daily living
01 Dressing 15 min
02 Exercise 50 min
03 Showering 50 min
04 Eating 90 min
05 Cooking 40 min
06 Using Phone/entertainment 130 min
07 Homework 4 hrs
08 Doing My Hair 30 min
09 Walking My Dog 20 min
10 Napping 30 min