483E Project 01

My Bio


Where I come from

I was born and raised in Mission Viejo, California. My parents however do not originate from California. My Mother is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil and My Father from Minnesota, USA. They met in California and had me and my two brothers. I love my family and would do anything for them. Growing up I wanted to do everything dance, music, art, volunteering, you name it. If I don’t have a project or something to do I’m not happy. My parents taught me to work smarter not harder, be confident in who you are and what you do, and never give up. They give me so much advice that I live by day to day. However, these three pieces of advice are what I live by when it comes to Graphic Design.

How I Define Myself

I define myself as a Confident, Strong, Smart, and Mature Young Woman with a backbone made of iron and a heart full of passion. I am nice and respectful to everyone I meet.

What I like

What I am Going to do in the Future

I've always loved art and to create. My current goal for the future is to be a successful UI or UX designer in a company. Once I have gained enough experience in the Graphic Design World I would like to do freelance work and create stunning designs for any client that comes my way.

My Design Skills

Places I've been

# Years Duration City/town State/Country Comments
01 1997-2001 4 years Lake Forest/Foothill Ranch CA/USA the 1st place I lived until I was 4 1/2
02 1997-2020 19 years Mission Viejo CA/USA Where I have lived my whole life
03 2019-2020 1 years Fullerton CA/USA 1st time I moved out and lived right next my school CSUF
04 2016 1 month many 10 European Countries Backpacked in Europe with my family for a month
05 2018 2 month many 15 European Countries Backpacked in Europe with a friend for 2 months

Design Philosphy

Graphic Design impacts all our lives in subtle ways. It's everywhere, from our phones to our billboards, to our street signs, every object is a function or element of design. Graphic Design was a way for me to combine two things I'm good at, art and technology. Growing up my art skills were good but I was not as skilled as others. However, that did not stop and I worked and practiced to hone in my art skills everyday. However, one day I worked too hard and a teacher pointed out that I should have been doing this project in a smarter and more efficient way. That instilled one of my design philosophy when it comes to creating your art, work smarter not harder.That is when UI/UX peaked my interest. The whole point of UI/UX design is to make it easier for users when using a product you create. When I design I focus on function over form when creating my product because that actual function of the product is what clients and users are actually going to use. However, that doesn’t mean I throw out form/creativity entirely. Great Designs appeal and please everyone, especially people that know nothing about design. Designs that appealing in almost every circumstance exercise simplicity. Simplicity is not only powerful in a design but it also makes it legible and easily recognizable to everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing a boat or a boot, simplicity always works. When I design the first draft of any project, I look at my first draft and always try to find ways to make the design more simple and minimal. Graphic Design is a necessity understand our world and how to function within it, and no computer will ever replace the creativity behind Graphic Designers.