Mali Nelson:My 1st all HTML website

About this site

This is my work in progress site. It may not look very stylish right now, but I will be learning CSS next.

This site serves a couple of purposes:

  1. Right now it gives me practice handcoding HTML
  2. It gives me practice with linking
    1. Linking to my two other pages
    2. Linking to otherwebsites
  3. Most importantly it gives me a chance to work on and test HTML5 and CSS3

About Me

I want to learn about webdesign because (you keep going here). Tell us what you want to learn from this class and how you plan to apply it after the class. Tell us what you currently plan to do for a living after college. My band choice for the class pandora radio station is Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Here is a current image of me